16 Feb 2016, 10:36

It has been a long time. Back for another article on Haxe. This time it relate to low level gpu programming with Khage (https://github.com/wighawag/khage). The goal of khage is to simplify low level gpu programming so much that it become the primary way in which to render a game via code. It might seem unecessary for those who do not want to deal with low level stuff and prefer to code with a scene graph or other higher level framework.

01 Dec 2014, 10:36

Hxcpp externs
To show the usefulness of Haxe at my company I have been working with hxcpp to compile a demo to both native using a C++ engine and Flash using a library that match the C++ engine api. I chose to use the latest haxe/hxcpp version so I can use the new extern facility provided by hxcpp. This simplify the cpp/haxe integration and allow to manipulate cpp object directly. The help from Hugh was invaluable to get my demo working.

31 Dec 2012, 16:26

NME Stage3D
Hi everybody, long time I did not write a post, During that time I learnt a wonderful language, Haxe. I have still lot to learn thought. I don’t want to go in the details of why this language (or more accurately its ecosystem) is awesome but as an Actionscript developer for the last 3 years, there is no question to switch back. Haxe offer everything that actionscript has to offer (compiling to swf including air) + many extra feature The ones I like the most are: Generics, Typed function and Macros (which I still have to practice more) I also like that the compiler is very fast (compared to mxmlc) and it handle Type inference, no need to repeat yourself like in actionscript But the main advantage is that Haxe can compile to other languages.

05 Jun 2011, 16:26

Actionscript Profiler Runtime Code Injection
Recently I discovered MixingLoom through James Ward’s article, it is a library to ease the injection of code in swf. One usage of it is Aspect Oriented Programming to separate logging, analytics… from the actual application code by injecting the extra code (logging, analytics…) into the swf after compilation (thanks to as3commons-bytecode library ). This way the extra code does not appear anywhere in the application source code which stay focused on what it should do.